The mold is one of the most important tools for the making of a balanced, isometric musical instrument.
Actually, it is the base for the shape and the correct specifications of the body, as well as the sound quality, which is something that no musical instrument maker (amateur or professional) who values his effort should ignore.

All molds are made from 18 mm birch of the finest quality (AA / betoform), 100% isometric and suitable for professional use.

In the market you can find standardized disposable molds, made from 6 or 8 mm birch, with a slight lower price, something that I myself do not recommend and do not use in order to make some extra money. I would rather have a few but contented clients (amateurs or professionals), who know what they really want and are able to understand the quality of the materials and of my own work.

All my creations come along with lifelong guarantee and free service, as far as the making and the proper function of the mold or the musical instrument itself are concerned.

The choice is yours.